November Newsletter

posted Nov 10, 2014, 4:49 PM by Sue Findlay
Parent Watch week went well, during which we passed out out Candle Fundraiser forms.  Parents receive 50% of their sales to be applied to their costumes and or tuition.  Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser was a real success.  The studio sold over $20,000 in cookie dough of which they received 45% on their costumes.The 3 highest sellers were:  Brenda Lilley selling $734, Meliss Weber selling $526 and Rebecca Fowler selling $509.  They want to put us on their website because they have never had any organization sell this much.  There will be no class on Wednesday & Thursday, November 26 & 27 because of Thanksgiving.  Finally tuition & costume deposits are due with the balance of the costumes due before December 18th.  Have a great holiday!!