All You Need to Know About Rehearsal / Recital

2019 Recital Costumes

Many classes received their recital costumes this last week. Those costumes were in stock when I ordered them. You will find a picture of your child’s class costume in the lower and upper level with ship dates (in red print) above each costume along with some other information like color/kind of tights, whether the class wears shoes or goes barefoot, and how they wear their hair (bun, ponytail, pulled back). Parents and/or students have been initialing my forms indicating that they received their costume. If you question whether a costume has been brought home then check with Sue or Shannon at the desk. Please take the costumes out of the bags and hang them along with their accessories in a safe place (like your closet). Do not let the kids play in their costumes until after recital as sometimes they cannot be reordered as costume companies get behind the closer to spring recitals. Our shipping dates range from 1-3-19 to 4-30-19. There are a couple classes that might not get their costume in time for the recital pictures which are set for Monday, April 29-Thursday, May 3rd. We will arrange a later date for those couple classes. Finally, you will be receiving plenty of information in the next few months regarding pictures, dress rehearsal at the theater (May 31st @5:30 p.m.), Spring Recital (Saturday, June 1st @ 3:00 p.m. at the Theater of the Dow Event Center, Saginaw), Spring Combo classes, Summer dance/gymnastic intensive classes, competition try outs in the summer. We will continue to keep you informed on upcoming events at the studio. Thank you for dancing with us!

Sincerely ......Sue Findlay & the staff at Sue’s School of Dance