(Tuition) The studio is issuing a "Pay What You Can Policy". We are adding June classes & July up to the rehearsal date July10 and recital date July 11. No money due in July. Yearly payments will cover the month of June. Pictures rescheduled & to be announced later. When ban is lifted and it is safe to resume classes at the studio, we will. Until then Live Classes are offered through free app Zoom. You can find updated announcements on this studio website along with teacher choreography, children's stories, and educational material. We want to help our dance families any way we can.......Ms. Sue


Hope our dance families are all doing well during our mandatory quarantine. I would like to share some info with you.

1. Recital is still scheduled for May 29 & 30th. The Dow Event Centre has cancelled only April events so far. Just in case of cancellation, I have secured backup dates for July 10 & 11, if quarantines last through May. We are trying to take things 2 weeks at a time.

2. As long as we are quarantined, we will be switching from in-studio to in-home training thru this website and Facebook. This is a great & different training method which will help our students stay active & be involved with doing dance which they love.

3. Navigate the site: Menue>Teacher Choreography>Teacher Name>Routine or Class Time. I will keep you updated in the Menu>Announcements and/or EZtexting. I want to also go back to emailing messages for more detailed announcements.

4. Check out Quarantine Activities where I will post links to free Dance Training from other websites that share their information with me. The whole dance community is coming together to provide avenues of dance for your children.

5. If I can figure out Zoom or FaceBook Live, then we can do live classes during their regularly scheduled class time.

If you haven't read the 7 Reasons Why Students Should Continue Their Dance Education Online then check out that page below.

Well I have to run, but I will get back to you again soon. Happy dancing!!

We will be temporarily closing the studio the week of March 16th in compliance with CDC inorder to reduce the spread of Covid-19 to our dance families. Next week we are scheduled to be closed for Spring Break. Teachers are presently working on recording recital routines and class instruction online. We will keep you posted. The following are 7 good reasons for our students to continue their dance education online.